Suicidal ideation and attempts are distressing for the individual and those around them but help is at hand. PsychMed is a designated key SA provider of suicide prevention by the Commonwealth Government. We believe passionately in uncovering new and effective interventions for mental health difficulties, which is why we’re the first organisation in Australia to implement the pioneering Structured Intervention Program for Suicide Attempters (SIPS) to help people struggling with suicidality.

SIPS is a brief, client-centred psychological intervention aimed at individuals who have recently attempted suicide. The CBT-based approach endeavours to increase the client’s safety above and beyond treatment as usual by managing the initial crisis and helping them understand what lead to it in the first place. Insight into precipitating factors and triggers often empowers clients, helping them to better cope with future suicidal episodes alongside a personalised safety plan developed in sessions.

29-year-old John* presented to PsychMed following a suicide attempt and gave consent to share some of his thoughts.

“Talking from start to finish through the whole episode was like a massive relief and weight off my shoulders. To tell the whole episode from start to finish helps you think about it in a different way; you’re not focused on the self-harm and traumatic stuff like normal but more on the steps leading up to it. I’m looking forward to my last session;  seeing the plan, having that security, and a safety net, knowing if I go to a dark place I can whip it out and know where to go.”

Do You Know Someone Who May Be Eligible?
Anyone who has attempted suicide – or had a significant suicidal crisis – in the past two years may be eligible for the program, with a small number of exceptions. Unfortunately, individuals with active psychosis or severe intellectual disability or cognitive impairment are not suitable and anyone with borderline personality disorder must be currently engaged (or have previously completed) an evidence-based treatment program, like Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.

To Refer:
Call PsychMed directly on 8232 2424
Call APHN’s referral number on 1300 580 249
Visit your GP or a mental health Adelaide professional