The occasional evening playing poker with friends or hitting the local pokies may be entertaining or relaxing but what happens when the odd flutter becomes a more regular thing? There is no prescribed limit to say how much gambling is too much but if you can answer yes to more than four of the following questions about yourself or a loved one, it may be time to seek help.

  1. Do you find yourself gambling with increasing amounts of money?
  2. Have you struggled to control or cut-back on your gambling habits?
  3. Do you feel restless or irritable if you try to stop gambling?
  4. Do you constantly think about gambling by reliving your wins, planning your next session, or thinking about ways to get money for gambling?
  5. Do you tend to gamble when you’re feeling upset or worried?
  6. Do you try and win back your money or get even when you’ve lost all your money?
  7. Do you lie to hide your gambling habits or the debts incurred by your gambling activities?
  8. Has gambling jeopardised your personal relationships or functioning at work or home?
  9. Do you rely on others for money because your gambling has caused financial issues?

If any of this sounds too familiar, contact PsychMed to take the first step to getting help with your gambling or finding out how to talk to someone you may be worried has a problem with gambling. You can call our dedicated gambling help line on 8232 3333 or book an initial appointment on Call 8232 2424.