Call us biased but we believe psychology can explain pretty much everything one way or another! That’s why outside the office we totally geek out on weird and wonderful psychology facts. We thought we’d share a few doozies with you today.

1. Food really does taste better when someone else makes it for you! Going through the process of making it for yourself means you’re around the food so long it feels less exciting by the time you get to eat it.

2. They say women are better at multitasking… actually when we multitask our attention is still primarily on one task and we’re switching between the different things we’re trying to do. Studies show we’re more productive when we only focus on one task.

3. Possibly the worst news you’ll hear from us… academic testing actually works! Some research suggests we’re more likely to store information in long-term memory if we’ve been tested on it rather than just studied it. Gulp!

4. They say money can’t buy you happiness… well it turns out it can but only up to a certain point. The most recent research suggests people reach a satiation point where happiness peaks at about $95,000 (US). Earning more is unlikely to result in further life satisfaction.

5. No matter how much money you make, how you spend it seems to be what matters. Spending money on experiences and other people is more fulfilling and enlivening than buying possessions. Time to take your loved one on a day out?