The Psychologists Association played an intrusmental role in the development of competition in the professional indemnity insurance market for psychologists which has contributed to psychologists Australia wide enjoying one of the most cost effective professional indemnity insurance of any of the registered professions.

The Association believes that all australian psychologists should make an informed choice prior to commiting to one insurer or another. Our executive committee feels comfortable in recommending psychologists at least consider insurance house and AON policies. Whilst AON is solely endorsed by the APS, the Psychologists Association can declare it has no financial interest in endorsing any specific fund but would note AON is a long standing major provider and insurance house is the next largest provider and the major competitiion which helps to keep AON prices in check.

In summary, we believe that fostering competition in the market is the best way to keep prices down on professional indemnity insurance which is a requirement of AHPRA registration.