Self-isolation brought an increase in spare time and boredom for many so it’s not a coincidence that we saw a spike in online gaming and gambling. Throw the new Centrelink payments in the mix and there’s an ongoing risk for many to seek entertainment online. If you’ve started dabbling in the world of online gambling and gaming or you’re thinking about it – this blog article is for you.

There’s enough fear in the world at the moment so this is not an article to scare you but to try and increase your awareness. With online gambling, it’s surprising how quickly “just this once” can turn into “just one more time”. Websites and games are designed to keep people coming back to spend more money and time than they can afford. We hear about ways to gamble responsibly in casinos and pubs but we need to be careful online too.

Online gambling and gaming can be addictive, which often leads to significant harm and distress for the gambler and their loved ones. We simply ask that before you get out your credit card and start playing, you read on and think about the potential consequences.

  • Promotional money is designed to draw you in with the illusion you can win big without any risk…
  • … but then you need to start spending your own money and the odds change for the house to win.
  • The little wins early on make you feel good and keep you coming back to chase those feelings – especially in a time we may be struggling with more negative emotions, like anxiety, loss, emptiness, or depression.
  • Money often loses value online because we can’t physically see the coins and notes leaving our wallet or purse.
  • Time gets lost when we zone out to try and forget or avoid our life issues and this can become a difficult cycle to break.

If online gaming or gambling is already a part of your life, know the warning signs of when to reach out for support to stop. There are 101 other things you could be doing with your time at home.

Can you answer yes to any of these questions?

  • Are you struggling to control your urges?
  • Are you spending more money or time on gambling than affordable?
  • Are you chasing your losses?
  • Do you feel like gambling or gaming has taken over your life?
  • Has gambling or gaming become an escape from problems or negative emotions?
  • Do you have feelings of restlessness and/or irritability when unable to play or gamble?
  • Are you preoccupied with thoughts of previous online activity?
  • Are you anticipating your next online session?
  • Do you find yourself lying to friends or family members about the amount of time or money spent playing?

Are you stuck in a gambling cycle or worried about being tempted to start online gaming or gambling? Call PsychMed on 8232 2424 to talk with our team about how to manage your feelings and make a positive change.