Categories Of Membership

Public Sector

Full Time – $500/year (Full time = 4+ days a week, i.e 0.8 FTE or greater)

Part Time –

a) $375/year (Between 2.5 and 4 days a week, 0.5-0.8 FTE)

b) $200/year (Less than 2.5 days a week, <0.5 FTE)

Private Practice

Full Time – $375/year (Full time = 4+ days per week, i.e 0.8 FTE or greater)

Part Time – $200/year (Less than 3 days a week)

Overseas / Retired


(Please note that WA/NSW/QLD/VIC/TAS/NT/ACT members will not receive Journey Insurance (see members services)



Members can choose to pay their fees by payroll deduction each pay period (&19.20 Full time, $14.40 Part time) or in lump sum by cheque of electronic transfer.

We are also willing to negotiate other methods of payment (e.g – monthly, quarterly) with members if they wish.

How To Join

To become a member it’s very easy, you can print off a copy of our Membership Form and send it to us.

Payment Details

Cheques made payable to :

“Psychologists Association Inc”

Bank Account Details :

National Australia Bank

Account : 7963 40982

BSB : 085 245