Listen to our new podcast series on gambling and COVID-19 to get some tips on assessing and helping people who are experiencing online gambling and gaming harms. Our podcast will feature a series of experts in the field, including:

  • Dr Jane Oakes
  • Dr Quentin Black
  • Dr Alex Russel
  • Dr Paul Delfabbro
  • Mr Patrick Carey

Feel empowered to help others by listening to some simple strategies on how to identify and reduce harms associated with gambling and online gaming that can occur anytime, anywhere. Easy, educational listening for students, parents, and hospitality workers.

Description: PsychMed will be conducting a series of podcasts that discuss a wide range of issues, such as online gambling, sport betting, the impact of COVID-19, treatment methods, and ways to promote resilience and wellbeing. Once these podcasts have been released, self-help modules will be made available to download. These modules will be available from PsychMed’s new SA Intensive Gambling Help (SAIGHS) standalone website.

Podcast Schedule

Monday 26 October 2020The growth of online gambling, use of smartphones, and the impact of
COVID-19 and what we know.
Monday 2 November 2020The growth of sports betting and industry and venue changes, and the
impact of COVID-19 and what we know.
Monday 9 November 2020Assessment and treatment of gaming and online gambling, the latest
research updates (this is being released in conjunction with the National
Psychology Week).
Monday 16 November 2020Harms experienced by hospitality workers: how can we monitor and help
support them to promote resilience and wellbeing?