Identifying and treating your problematic gambling behaviours has many benefits, not least giving you more spare time. However, this can take some adjustment and as the old adage says, ‘idle hands are the devil’s workshop’. To avoid boredom and any temptation this may bring, consider utilising your newfound free time to learn a new skill or try that hobby you’ve always wanted to give a go. If no burning passions come to mind, we’ve compiled a short list of ideas to get you started.

time for me
  • Become a volunteer – if you don’t know exactly what you may want to do, check out an organisation like Volunteering SA & NT for ideas and help getting connected. At the time of writing they had over 650 opportunities listed in SA.
  • Arts and Crafts – where do we start? There are so many ways to get creative alone or with friends and family. We even hear of knitting festivals these days!
  • Learn a new instrument or language – oui, oui! Seek out a reputable professional or teach yourself – YouTube is a rich learning platform these days and means you don’t always have to know how to read music.
  • Head out into nature – slip, slop, slap, and head into the trees or to the beach for some peace. Maybe take some photos or just notice all the different species of plants and animals you happen across.
  • Join the gym or try a new exercise class – research is increasingly reporting the benefits of exercise on mental health (not to mention physical health). Scope out a local gym you may feel comfortable in and start building your activity level. Group exercise can be especially fun if you go with a friend.
  • Try out some new recipes – add a twist to one of your classic dishes or see if you can make your favourite takeaway dish at home.
  • Become over invested in the latest Netflix show – now one of the nation’s favourite pastimes, Netflix, Stan, and other streaming services have an endless buffet of TV shows to get you hooked, no matter what your favourite genre is.

Still not got your creative juices flowing? Google or Facebook have all the answers these days – see if there are any local events or opportunities or have a brainstorming session with a friend.