Peter Queale

I am a registered psychologist with the degree of Master of Psychology (Clinical) at the University of Adelaide and am also a member of the College of Clinical Psychologists in the Australian Psychological Society.  I have been registered since March 1997. My prior career, from 1961 after graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Adelaide, was as a professional engineer. including experience in London and the United States after initial experience in Australia. After returning to this country I worked for a firm of consulting engineering followed by my last employment in engineering which was more than twenty years with a local oil and gas company, Santos Ltd, culminating in project management and engineering design management. I initially commenced doing psychology and philosophy subjects at the University of Adelaide in my latter years with Santos as an intellectual interest. In 1993 I completed a Bachelor of Arts and decided to pursue a career in psychology.

During the years 1994 to 1996 I completed an Honours Arts Degree in Psychology and a Master of Psychology (Clinical) at the University of Adelaide. I became a Registered Psychologist in March 1997. In my psychology career, I have worked in psychiatric wards and with Community Corrections in addition to eight years at the Repatriation General Hospital in treatment programmes for veterans of the Vietnam War, Korean War, and World War II and am therefore familiar with the aftermath of traumatic experiences including PTSD and their treatment. I have also had experience with the aftermath of traumatic events and their treatment where the causes include early childhood experiences and civilian events such as motor vehicle accidents. I am familiar with the treatment of anxiety, stress, and depression including cases where this arises in relation to work. I am also familiar with, and interested in the treatment of grief having attended courses and seminars devoted to this subject. My period in the corporate world has given me insight into the stresses and psychological problems that frequently arise in that environment.

I have been in private practice since November 2006 from the time that Psychology became part of the Medicare Benefits Schedule. I am a founding director of PsychMed Limited. We have principally worked on the basis of bulk billing as this enables us to reach a wider range of clients. From viewing Psychology as an intellectual pursuit it has become a consuming interest. It has been my privilege to be privy to the confidences of a wide range of clients. I have been intrigued to see the long-term effects of society attitudes that obtained when I was young and help them to come to terms with the negative effects therefrom. I admire the way many clients have been able to lead relatively functional lives even though they may have experienced many negative experiences. It is a great pleasure when a client starts to become free of the limitations of long-standing negative thinking patterns. My principal interests in psychology include anxiety, depression, and the sequelae of workplace bullying and traumatic experiences both war-related and in civilian circumstances. I am also becoming interested in understanding the processes in the brain and nervous system underlying behavior and the developing field of neuropsychotherapy.