The MATRIX program is an intensive outpatient addiction recovery program developed from over 30 years of research during the cocaine and methamphetamine epidemics in the United States. It is currently the gold standard therapeutic approach for methamphetamine dependence. It combines practical skills training for both escaping addiction and building a life without methamphetamine with frequent structured, focused social support and recognition of success.

The MATRIX groups are run by trained PsychMed psychologists and co-facilitated by a recovered consumer with lived experience. The program incorporates a combination of “science made simple” education about the effect of methamphetamine dependence in the brain and body, evidence-based cognitive behaviour therapy skills, and a clear and structured way for family and/or others to be helpfully involved in recovery.

The intensive phase of PsychMed’s MATRIX program runs for 16-weeks, 3 times a year across three locations, South, North and City. This is an intensive program involving attendance on a regular basis throughout the week in order to maintain focus and support as follows:

  • Weeks 1-4: 50-min Early Recovery Skills groups on Mondays and Fridays
  • Weeks 5-13: 50-min Women’s group on Mondays
  • Weeks 1-16: 90-min Relapse Prevention groups on Mondays and Fridays
  • Weeks 1-12: 90-min Family/Friends & consumer Education groups on Wednesdays
  • Weeks 13 -16: 90-min Social support groups on Wednesdays (continues for 32 sessions)
  • 3 Individual counselling sessions to set goals and review progress
  • 12-step group meetings or relaxation training groups
  • Weekly (random) urine testing to provide objective recognition of efforts to stay clean

Anyone who has become dependent on methamphetamine and who has not used for 3 weeks may be eligible for the program. Participants undergo an assessment for eligibility and must meet the DSM5 criteria for severe stimulant use disorder in the past 3 years (this is to allow recovered individuals to train to become co-leaders with lived experience). There is no age restriction or cost to attend.

There may be some circumstances where individuals will not be eligible to participate in the groups, including:

  • Cognitive impairment that causes continual disruption to group discussion due to difficulties with concentration, memory or formal thought disorder (e.g., due to an acute unstable psychotic or bipolar affective disorder, severe attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).
  • Severe substance use disorder (other than psychostimulants) requiring detoxification and/or maintenance pharmacotherapy to stabilise (e.g., alcohol, cannabis, non-prescribed benzodiazepines, non-prescribed opioids).
  • Repeated self-injury, suicidal threats or gestures.
  • Individuals who consistently engage in hostile, bullying, threatening or belittling interactions, or threaten other group members’ sense of safety.

Referrals can be made through a number of pathways including:

  • General Practitioners
  • Private psychologists and psychiatrists
  • Non-government organisations
  • Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia (DASSA)
  • Mental Health Services
  • Adelaide PHN Central Referral Number 1300 580 249

For GP’s and mental health professionals, there is an intake form, which assists the assessment of eligibility. Please contact our friendly staff at any of our locations for more information. Healthcare professionals may also wish to include the K10 measure if available.

For consumers: Service Information

Inpatient withdrawal management services are available via Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia (contact ADIS below) or via the Salvation Army Toward Independence Sobering Up Unit. Long-term residential rehabilitation is available via the Woolshed program.

Alcohol Drug Information Service (ADIS): 1300 13 1340 (8:30am – 10:00pm)

Alcoholics Anonymous: to locate nearest meeting.

Complete DASSA services list:

Counselling online (Free drug and alcohol counselling online through Turning Point)

Gambling helpline: 1800 858 858

Narcotics Anonymous: to locate nearest meeting.

Salvation Army Toward Independence Sobering Up Unit: PH: 8212 2855   62A Whitmore Sq Adelaide.

Smart Recovery: to locate nearest meeting.

Woolshed (DASSA):

For professionals

For families/consumers