Here at Psychology Association we aim to represent, further and protect the industrial interest of employed Psychologists.

Our objectives are:

  • To uphold the rights, and to protect and foster the best interests of applied psychologists of the Association by raising a fund by entrance fees, contributions, fines and levies.
  • To regulate and protect the conditions of labour and relations between workers and employers, and between workers and workers.
  • To secure satifactorial industrial conditions in regards to wages, hours of labour and other conditions in or about their employment.
  • To promote industrial peace by all amicable means such as conciliation and arbitration.
  • To provide legal and other assistance to employed psychologists whenever and wherever necessary.
  • To encourage a high standard of professional ethics and integrity amongst all employed psychologists.
  • To establish scholarships, courses of study and training for the vocational advancement of all employed psychologists.
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